What is Everex?

Everex is a financial inclusion blockchain development company seeking to improve access to financial services and markets for the 2.5 billion un- and under-banked population across the world. Our solution puts fiat currencies, equities, commodities, and non-financial assets on Ethereum blockchain to facilitate peer to peer global remittance, currency exchange, and capital markets.
Everex develops and markets CryptoCash as a new form of national fiat currencies available for every person on the planet through independent network of exchangers, underwriters and issuers. Similar to other currency forms like paper cash or traveler checks, CryptoCash is recognizable and fungible across the participated markets.

Key advantages for

Transfer money directly to the recipient over blockchain and over the world.
Personal use
Do you trade across borders? For importers and exporters we have a payment solution! Now SMEs can
Direct from Everex wallet app. No waiting in lines. Transparent FX rates
No counterparty risks of non-payment
PROTECTED with One Time Pin (if you like)
TAKES about 30 seconds and COSTS.... nothing (for personal use up to 100 transactions a month)
Send cross-border payments directly to your trading partners bypassing banks
Be totally compliant with local financial regulations
Save currency exchange rates as you are no longer must accept the rate quoted by your bank
Airlines, travels, gaming, even electronics are the merchant types that credit card companies don't like. CryptoCash solves the problems of
    High-risk merchants
    Do you work or involved with overseas migrant workers in your country? If yes, use this opportunity to help people send money home fast, secure and make money at the same time!
    Community leaders
    Use CryptoCash to distribute payroll payments directly to migrant workers and earn commissions
    They can send home some money directly from the wallet at any time. No more standing in lines and paying high FX fees.
    Chargebacks! No more "I didn't do it. My dog ordered that Rolex"
    High rolling reserves and payout delays
    Save on fees (huge!) and conversion rates!
    Only 0.5%. No joke. You are welcome
    *For licensed money service businesses and money transfer organizations only. Add CryptoCash to your services and make more money on exchange
      Money services
      Cryptocash is the perfect solution for fast clearing and settlement for FX brokers, and easy deposits and withdrawals for the customers
        FX professionals
        No need for bank account verification
        All CryptoCash users are already KYC'd
        No need to have bank account or credit card
        Deposit and withdraw in 30 seconds in any currency
        Add more liquidity with CryptoCash from new members
        Set own rates and fees for CryptoCash
        exchange in/out
        Make money sending payments on behalf of your customers within your country
        Reach new geographical markets and
        customer base
        Add new services like P2P lending and FX trading
        Start using Everex now
        Web version is available at everex.cash (iOS, Mac, PC)

        Everex is building a truly decentralized company:

        We don't touch customers money. Ever
        We don't transmit transactions on users' behalf
        Users are 100% in control of their own transactions
        We provide the technical means to facilitate users' financial activity. To achieve that we partner with money service businesses, brokerages, currency exchanges and other companies to offer you access to a wide spectrum of financial services. Our most important and valued partner is you. Our exclusive focus is to put more power in you hands; because without you, Everex loses its' driving mission and purpose. What transparency means for us, is complete, 'no-holds-barred' access to all of our system intelligence.

        Blockchain Financial Markets

        A better way to remit, trade, invest, and save with blockchain transferable currencies
        and assets. No bank account required. Built on Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms.

        Fully transparent system, where you can

        Audit the blockchain to see the exact number of asset units issued within the system
        Audit the documents related to the issuance of every specific asset
        Read audit reports, custodian and underwriting documents
        See the list and contact details of all financial partners and subsidiaries
        At Everex, we see our users as partners, not customers. Our unparalleled commitment to transparency means that you can verify the integrity of our system at any point in time, through the extensive audits and documentation we provide.

        It's our commitment to you.
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