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Ethplorer 2.0: Tokens for investors, widgets and API for developers
Alex Kakunov, 28 February 2017

Ethereum is getting traction as a practical blockchain platform focused on smart contracts and custom token assets. It is predicted that 80% of all ICO crowdfunding campaigns will use Ethereum for smart contracts or as an investment method in 2017 (William Mougayar, EDCON 2017).
Everex Launches Chainy On the Ethereum Blockchain
Alex Kakunov, 12 December 2016

Would you like to engrave something on the Ethereum blockchain for eternity? Information critical to your business, perhaps, or something deeply personal? You can do it right now, with the release of Chainy.
Over 100 Migrant Workers Test Blockchain Remittance in Thailand
Alexi Lane, 26 November 2016

Over 100 migrant workers transferred money instantly over blockchain to their homes in Myanmar in the last months. It marks a successful pilot test for Everex, a company aiming to give financial access to the world's huge "Bottom of the Pyramid" (BOP) population. Overall, average transaction took less than a minute and recorded savings of over 7% in remittance cost and currency exchange rates. Everex essentially hands the power to send any amount of money fast and cheap around the world to individual users, wherever they live.
What is 'Cryptocash' and How It Will Make Global Commerce Easy
Alexi Lane, 10 October 2016

In our last article we introduced Everex and the reasons we exist. We want to transform the world economy by giving everyone equal access to the global financial system
Everex and Ethereum Bring Financial Inclusion To All
Alexi Lane, 1 September 2016

About 2.5 billion people across the developing world today have no access to banking or basic financial services, according to McKinsey & Company
Ethplorer — Ethereum token viewer
Alexi Lane, 18 August 2016

User friendly way to locate custom asset tokens created on Ethereum blockchain.
Fintech MeetUp in Bangkok
Alexi Lane, 19 June 2016

Everex Thailand had a successfull Fintech meetup event at Hubba Discovery center in Bangkok
Why Bitcoin Regulation Hurts Us All
Alexi Lane, 15 June 2016

Reflecting on the notion of seeking regulatory blessing on cryptocurrencies from governments. Or what not to if you are bitcoin supporter and advocate


Interview Alexi Lane about how bitcoin & other blockchain platforms can help the economies of Southeast Asia – particularly with cross-border remittances from migrant workers
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